Space Mountains around the World

  • Walt Disney World - January 15, 1975
  • Disneyland - May 27, 1977
  • Tokyo Disneyland - April 15, 1983
  • Disneyland Paris - April 9, 2005
  • Hong Kong Disneyland - September 12, 2005

Going through your South Park drawings!! I love them!! also the obi wan and qui gon jinn, amazing!!~ assfuckery

Thank you! Oh man the star wars one wasn’t really popular so thanks for mentioning that one. I really love that pairing.

Can I go back to Disney World? I miss it already.

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I’ll definitely have the next page of RED done by next week. My goal is this Saturday.Thanks for being patient.

Are you the SAT because I’d do you for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10 minute break halfway through for snacks, and then I can stare at you for like 10 minutes and think ‘wow, I hope I don’t ruin this.’
Dude on OKC with the best pick up lines I have ever heard (via katamarang)

  • police: you're under arrest
  • me: no i'm not
  • police: shit

Amazing art and superb eyebrow game,keep it up! :O

Thank you! I will do my best to maintain both!